Your Donations Make All of the Difference

Financial Donations

Other Donations

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Emergency Shelter cannot operate (maintain a safe and clean space, pay its employees living wages, or provide supportive programming) without the help of donations. We welcome and thank all donations, and encourage you to stay attuned to our quarterly fundraisers. Sign up for our newsletter as a way of staying abreast! 

Other than Paypal, we accept cash, check, and venmo payments. Please send Paypal donations to, and venmo payments to @EmergencyShelter-ManagementSer

Clothes, food, toiletries, electronics... We are grateful for all physical donations that we receive! If you would like to bring in a food, clothing or other type of physical donation, please contact our team via phone, email, or through the website's inquiry box